About Us

We started small making amiibo stands as fun project that has now turned into a part-time hobby. We currently make amiibo stands of various styles and sizes from solid wood. Our most popular hand-crafted wood product is the Toyplicity amiibo Stand (66 Slots) that provides ample room with large tiers for up to 66 amiibo figures.

Toyplicity amiibo Stand (TAS-66)

We also operate several high resolution 3D printers we use to make small 3D printed crafts. Our most popular 3D printed product is a set of Mr. Game & Watch bases used to prop the extra poses found in the amiibo Retro 3-Pack sold exclusively by GameStop.

Mr. Game & Watch amiibo Bases

Please contact us if you would like a custom amiibo stand (size, color, style).

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